About Us


Cheryl Ningard

As President, Cheryl directs the day-to-day office operations.  Her primary responsibility is the development of operations objectives and strategic plans that establish lasting relationships with our clients.  She does this by encouraging the construction team to exceed their expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance.

Jeff Ningard
Vice President

With over 28 years of experience, Jeff is a licensed carpenter with an all‐encompassing knowledge of the construction industry. His early field experience has proven consistently invaluable when creative or cost effective changes are required. His persistent drive is the ongoing key to our success. His eye for detail places us head and shoulders above the competition.

Timothy Pinchot
Vice President - Operations

Tim has over 36 years of extensive and successful construction management experience throughout northern Ohio and has served in that capacity on many of Cleveland's landmark projects. He is proficient in many facets of the industry including project management, strategic planning, client relationship management, project leadership, team and consensus building, pre-construction planning, proposal development, cost control, estimating, and scheduling.

Dave Hanson
Senior Project Manager

Dave has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry including an extensive background in civil engineering. He has successfully overseen many projects with multi-million dollar budgets. A comprehensive knowledge of the building process enables Dave to discover errors in the design early on, before they have a chance to become costly mistakes.

John Auble
Project Manager

John brings over 25 years of assorted construction knowledge, joining CJI in June of 2014. He is responsible for many diverse and varied CJI projects, with a focus on those in the automotive sector. His wide-ranging background offers our clients a unique perspective in the management of their projects.

Mark Crowder
Project Manager

Mark’s project management experience varies widely, ranging from new commercial construction, interior and exterior renovations, historical restorations, and design-build parking garages. His skills include a proficiency in pre-construction, design-build, quality control, and scheduling making him a capable and valuable team member. Mark excels at managing high-profile, fast-track multi-million dollar projects by cultivating a collaborative and focused approach with regard to costs, schedule, and  Owner/Architect/Client relationships.

Matt Metzger


When CJI considers and evaluates a project, Matt reviews the plans and skillfully determines the most effective way to complete the project. Since joining CJI 12 years ago as a carpenter, Matt has moved from the field to the role of estimator, where he has put his experience and knowledge to good use.

Ray Purgert
Assistant Project Manager

Assistant project manager is just one of the hats Ray wears at CJI. He also has a background in Marketing, IT, Logistics, and Finance and is tasked with keeping the Information Technology of CJI up and running in addition to finding ways to improve our processes so that we can more efficiently serve our customers.

Carrie Casper

Since joining the the company in 2015, Carrie has been responsible for handling the transactional flow of job accounting for all CJI projects. Keeping an eye on individual job costing is Carrie's specialty.

Denise Bosso
Administrative Assistant

When you reach CJI either via phone or email, Denise ensures that your inquiry is routed to the right person and receives the attention that it deserves. She is also responsible for working with the project managers on project setup and managing the flow of project paperwork.

Dave McMurdo
Warehouse Manager

Dave excels in keeping all of our jobs appropriately supplied with the necessary material, tools, and equipment while coordinating the movement of materials between the warehouse and the field. A true jack of all trades, no two days are the same for Dave as he keeps our jobs running smoothly.


Mike Barber
Field Superintendent