About Us


CJI, Inc. BuildingCJI is an Ohio based contracting firm with offices in Macedonia and Florida. CJI was formed in 1999 with the belief that craftsmanship and attention to detail would make us the very best. As our project scopes grew in size, so did our reputation as a quality-centric, quick thinking/acting company. This has given us the opportunity to be able to bring on additional quality staff to provide better services to our customers. While we still work on interior contracting, we have grown our list of services to include flooring solutions, general contracting, and construction management. This has given us a chance to highlight our brand of hard work and dedication to getting the job done.

Our strong work ethic helps enable our staff to work and complete four extensive auto dealership renovations (civil, utility, interior, and exterior build-outs) concurrently, each in a different time zone, and finish all of them well ahead of schedule!

We are a certified FBE.